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Frontierland 6x18

I enjoyed this episode so much, its been awhile since I've loved an ep, it deserves paragraphs this time instead of sentences. Jensen looks so guh!!!!!!!!!!!! I watched it 3 times already just to gaze at him in that cowboy gear, sorry fangirl moment :P

Too funny Bobby referring to motherofall as Octomom lol, and Dean forgetting the lingo, they dont know what gank means lol. It was a lil freaky when Cas told Bobby he needs to touch his soul, sounds a bit kinky. I love Cas, he will go to no lenghts to help the boys, he quickly shut Rachel up bashing them, then taking her out when she turned against him. Whats up with Angels backstabbing each other? like that Fate bitch, why care how Cas does things, dont they wanna win the war by any means necessary? yeah yeah....the whole domino effect thing, what ev's.

The show really seems to be getting back on track, the bros back to family business together, I am loving all the teasing, rock paper scissors the brothers I knew way back when and Sam back to his quirky self stepping in horse poop. OMG Dean was so hot during that showdown with the phoenix, ooops times up. I was so relieved to see that package from Samuel cause Dean was so heartbroken when he did not manage to get the phoenix ashes, he even wanted Cas to try again but Cas rolled his eyes at Dean like pahlease, poor Cas was exhausted.

But how about that colt eh Samuel?

GIF spam, snagged from tumblr but I dont remember all the creators

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