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Friends Only

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This journal is Semi-friends only, I do keep it real, there’s no sugar coated sprinkles on most discussions and no bitchassness allowed. Most of my reviews, picspams and fan art will remain unlocked but sometimes I need to keep things among friends, don’t be scurred comment to be added.
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I cant believe fans would go this far, their has been lots of characters on SPN I hate but to smear their name personally and campaign to get them off the show is to low for even me to stoop and y'all know I can dish out some serious hate.

I am glad for those who are counter attacking the hate by showing support for Misha on twitter today.

Whitney Houston Dead

Whitney Houston died today at age 48, I am really sad you guys, I grew up listening to her music and I loved her as an artist, although she struggled with addiction I was shocked by her death, she was working on two movies and I hope she got to finished them. She's a true legend, greatest of all time, she will be missed but never forgotten.

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Supernatural 6x17

was it just me or was this ep confusing as hell? Titanic? Ellen alive and married to Bobby? It totally reminded me of Final Destination, Fate was so random. IDK it was just weird, I did love how the bros seemed back on track hunting together and the awkwardness of them wanting to approach Bobby, no matter what he says, it gotta cut deep the fact that he killed Rufus.

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Happy New Year

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could not resist posting this awesome graphic, wishing you all a blessed New Year, hopefully I'll
be back from hiatus really soon to join in the new year with my awesome friends and exciting fans.